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She is not only a soloist. She also has an outstanding group. Her group comprises her own students who themselves are very established dancers.

She dances many unique pieces like :


Krishna-Sudama portrays the profound friendship between Lord Krishna and his childhood friend Sudama. The composition throws light on the universality of friendship - a mutual bond of pure love which is untouched by the barriers of caste, creed or prosperity.


The sweet remembrance of krishna's beautiful lotus-like face acts as Sudama's bliss of solitued. Although his heart yarns to meet Krishna, he hesitates, when urged by his wife to do so. Ultimately, Sudama bows to his wife's persistence and reaches Dwarka only to be dazzled by the splendour of the king's prosperity. However, Sudama's doubts receive a backseat when Krishna gives him an overwhelming welcome.


The performance attains culmination with Sudama blessing Krishna and hailing his triumph for having added the dimension of selfless love to the insitution of true-friendship.


The Nobel laureate poet Rabindra Nath Tagore's ballad 'Pujarini' reflects the poet's respect for Gautam Buddha's eternal presence to humanity through the simple story of a deotee of loard Buddha, Srimati.
The well-known tale of the dancer Srimati, who resists king Ajatashatru's ruthless efforts to impose Hinduim upon his people and remains steadfastly faithful to Buddhism, is a timely reminder of the importance of love and tolerance. Through the life and actions of a humble court dancer, TAgore infusesd the teaching of Gautam Buddha, emphasizing the need to remain pure at heart and realize the futility of  violence.


Jatayu Mokshya:

As Sita, wife of Lord Rama crosses the forbidden lines of her destiny, Ravana kidnaps her to his aerial chariot the puspaka vimana, destroys the wings of Jatayu, and spirits Sita away to Lanka.
However, Jatayu, Rama's devout follower intersects Ravana's way and asks him to release mother Sita. Denied, Jatayu puts up a brilliant fight against Ravana, hurling blow after blow. But, the malevolent Ravana severs one of Jatayu's wing by a fatal blow. As Jatayu pines in pains, Ravana ridicules his effort and exits with a superior air.
Saying that Jatayu's valiant effort to save Sita at the cost of risking his life, is the ultimated sacrifice and hsi nobel deed would earn him a place in heaven. Jatayu, blessed with ultimate salvation breathes his last.


Inspired by the great poet, Kalidasa's masterpiece, Sakuntala, This dance-drama narrates the amorous tale of Sakuntala and king Dushmanta. Brought up by sage Kanwa, the beautiful Sakuntala is Nature's daughter. With her friends Anusua and Priyambada on either side, she happily lives her life until King Dushmanta visits their ashram and cupid trikes the two. What follows is a passionate tale of love, curse and betrayal.



Durga the goddess of of shakti, kills the demon Mahissasura with her weopns in her ten hands gifted by all the god & goddess. Thus enhancing good over the evil.

Vasanta Utsav 2018

Dona Ganguly and her troupe, Diksha Manjari